Home Delivery and Click and Collect available for every item!
Home Delivery and Click and Collect available for every item!
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Does anyone else feel like the beginning of Lockdown and the Lockdown period we’re in now are two completely different eras? 

Has it really only been 9 weeks? The beginning kind of felt like that period between Christmas Day and New Years Day. Getting dressed was optional, we re-watched all of our favourite box sets and instead of endless selection boxes we had endless Easter eggs to enjoy. Now, however, we’ve gotten used to this new way of life. We’ve started getting dressed in the mornings (sometimes even in jeans just to make sure they still fit!) and have developed new routines which are necessary in keeping our sanities. 


One thing that has stayed the same since the beginning, though, is our new found passion for cooking from scratch. Even the children have played a big part in meal times across the county!

Here at HGFD Produce, we’ve had some lovely feedback for our fruit and veg boxes. Our fresh from the market fruits and vegetables have been greatly received, not just  because their shelf life lasts longer than when they are purchased from the supermarkets. One comment that we related to a lot was from a customer who said that they loved deciding what to make for dinner based on what was left over in their boxes. A courgette and an aubergine left? Ratatouille for tea! A sweet potato and half a red pepper? Vege chilli and rice it is. Need I say what a couple of leftover bananas get baked into? Thats right, banana muffins! 


For many, the new phase of lockdown means a return to work. We hope that if that’s the case for you, you’ve had success with the transition and are staying safe. We appreciate that life will probably feel more hectic than ever and that’s why we are honoured to be able to take one thing off your plate (forgive the pun) and deliver your groceries to your homes for you. 

For the many of you who are still isolating at home: we’re still here for you too. Supermarket delivery slots can still be hard to come by, there are still queues outside the doors and where is safer to shop than from home? HGFD Produce are here to deliver fresh ingredients to your door, every Tuesday and Friday, in a safe and responsible manner. 


As you may be aware, we don’t just specialise in our fresh fruit and veg boxes. Alongside these you can add staples like bread, cheese and milk to your orders and we continue to work alongside Yorkshire’s finest meat suppliers R & J’s so that you meat eaters can create delicious meals for your families. 


As promised we have been working hard to expand our product range and can now proudly boast many tasty delights, making sure they’re always local businesses such as ourselves. 

If you love to have a little fishy on your dishy on a Friday (or any day, really) you’ll be pleased to hear that we have teamed up with TMR Foods who supply us with the freshest of fish products. You can singularly order salmon, sea bass, haddock, cocktail and king prawns, fish pie mix and breaded scampi OR order a selection of the above in a fish box. 

For those who enjoy adding a dash of sophistication to their lives, or simply can’t  enjoy a glass of wine without a snack, how about adding some artisan cheese to your veg box order? Shepherds Purse Artisan Cheeses are an independent family run business based in North Yorkshire and are comprised of 30 passionate artisans who make cheese the traditional way. Take it from us: their Northern Blue is exquisite. As are their other cheese offerings! 

While we’ve all been enjoying connecting to our inner Delias, Jamie Oliver’s and Gordon Ramsey’s, some things are best left to the experts. We have added Appleton’s pork pies and roast ham to our product range. Perfect for picnics in the garden, a summery ploughman’s or as a cheeky little after hours snack. Disclaimer: the latter is how we enjoy our pork pies. 

Is any meal complete without something sweet? For afters why not order something from our new partners Heavenly treats or Harrogate Cookie Co. 

You can also order products from the Yorkshire Pasta Company and Theakstons Brewery through our website. 


All of these products can be added to your veg boxes when you visit our website www.hgfdproduce.com. Please contact us here with any queries and search for us on our Facebook and Instagram pages for pictures and updates of our fantastic offerings as well as meal inspiration. Stay safe everyone! 


Team HGFD x 

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