Home Delivery and Click and Collect available for every item!
Home Delivery and Click and Collect available for every item!
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Feet hurt blog !

Well it looks like we are getting the hang of delivering vege after many years just eating it. It's just the logistics now !! LOL.....

Our 3rd round of deliveries 7 days into the lockdown, feet are hurting after packing and delivering nearly 70 boxes today. I'd love to take all the credit but the team have been amazing. All working in strange circumstances 2 metres apart out in the fresh air.

As I have said on my initial FB posts as a wedding, events & festival caterer this virus has left us massively in danger of losing our business after 10 years of hard work and if we lose our business it means we lose our staff and our...........everything. I fear that a prolonged lock down over summer brings us back to winter and no one gets married or has parties in the winter so we are potentially snookered.

SO we, being ever optimistic decided to stick to what we know and buy some fantastic produce and try and sell it to keep afloat.

We are getting some really awesome fresh produce at the minute and as long as Boris says its ok and the fruit and vege is still available I will get my ass out of beed at 4am and drive to the market to collect.

I'll keep updating the great produce we get and if theres anything you want or need just email or message us and we will try our best to sort for you.

Take care, keep safe.

A & L

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