Home Delivery and Click and Collect available for every item!
Home Delivery and Click and Collect available for every item!
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Week 2

So 2 weeks in and up to nearly 300 boxes delivered so far, few hiccups but to be expected. We are getting the hang of this now though thanks to a great team.

Just to remind you we’re a catering business (www.hgfd.co.uk) doing lots of Weddings, parties, corporate events & festivals based in Ripon so this is a little alien for us, but as we have been wiped out of bookings until at least AUGUST it is something we need to do to not just survive this but to be able to recover from this and support our families and staff through this.

With years of buying top quality ingredients we have great contacts for fresh fruit & vegetables, market fresh fruit & veg as you can see it is the freshest it can be, I would say at least 6 or 7 days fresher than supermarkets and twice the size! and a 3 – 4 days fresher than wholesalers who hold the stock for days waiting for orders. We are getting the freshest market produce the day before delivery and do not hold any stock over, so it really couldn’t be any fresher on your doorstep.

Thank you to all who have trusted us to deliver some super fresh fruit & vegetables to your door and thank you for our fantastic feedback and reviews > https://www.facebook.com/pg/HGFDProduce/reviews/

We have added a truly awesome new supplier R&J Catering Butchers to the shop and we are now delivering some quality meat to your door to compliment your fruit & vege.

We have also added a few more items that people are asking for FREE RANGE EGGS from Burton Leonard, Bags of flour and large sacks of potatoes.

We are planning on a menu revamp for Friday so these boxes don’t get boring and repetitive that should hopefully include a Sunday lunch box with a piece of meat and the vege to compliment it, I may even throw in my Yorkshire Pudding recipe.

We are also potentially looking at how we organise deliveries as we are now taking orders to DARLINGTON on Tuesdays so perhaps that opens up going to Catterick and Richmond too.

Order online here > www.hgfdproduce.com

Stay home and stay safe let us deliver.


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