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Pay it Forward
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Pay it Forward

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It is a bit tough out there to say the least at the moment, so in the week we have started working with a local charity for meals on wheels and hearing lots in the media about school meals etc we thought it may be a good idea to start our 'Pay it Forward' scheme. It is something we have wanted to do for a while.

We have added an item to our website > https://bit.ly/3knMUui
You can add a small amount to your order or just do it without. We will add it to the pot for anyone needing a little help whether that with a hot meal, milk, fruit & vege, fruit & vege boxes etc almost anything we sell. You could also drop a little something in the box by the till if you come to the shop.

Tomorrow we will try to contact the local schools in Boroughbridge and Ripon areas (or if you know anyone, let them know) to see if there are any families who might just need a little help at this time. We will supply everything at cost to add even more value to the effort.

If you know anyone or indeed need a little help call us 01423 326452 or email orders@hgfd.co.uk and we will try our best to help.

This is just a thought whilst driving and I am sure we need to put more detail and work into making this a useful resource and if anyone wants to help us with this again drop us a message we are always happy to talk.

Whilst we are on just a reminder that we accept Healthy Start Vouchers - so if you are someone you know has these let them know we accept, again we are happy to do these at cost to use so they go a little farther.

#staysafe and eat well.

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